demo; experiments in graphics

I've always adored games, they were the place I discovered CS and are still the place I retreat to. I wanted to find out how they work. Here's a chronological dev-log of my efforts.


I pretty much wanted to emulate that scene from hackers where they show the search of the .garbage files within the Gibson, so I created a shit-ton of columns and thought this was pretty blackhat. Turns out lighting and mesh composition have an effect on performance...



It took me forever to figure out moving those columns around the camera alongside rotation, and to be honest I never figured out a better way than 'syncing' at the end of every action. I wanted to get this pixel-perfect so that it would loop smoothly, which I failed in. I was still super proud of getting this far though.


I somehow won a fb hackathon in London - the prize of which was an Oculus Quest, so this was my attempt at progressing on gibson and adding VR-compatibility, so I could send a nauseating demo to my team to f*ck with them ❤


There was quite a time lapse between square and gr1d, as I hit a road block with loading in and out geometries, understanding how you could do that without it looking janky. I also moved to Sweden. Both the result of this and my move were happy, accidental outcomes.


I took this concept a little further and made it semi-functional. Still trying to figure out timing loops but I think Three.JS probably isn't the place for that anyway. I had fun with this, and it's working alright.